Next Generation Web Isolation With Appsulate

Appsulate is a secure platform that renders web applications in the cloud and streams only passive, safe pixels to the browser on the local client. It secures SaaS apps from data exfiltration and shields corporate endpoints from web-borne threats. Remote workers or third parties access web applications in isolated containers, ensuring that data does not stay behind on unmanaged endpoints. For internal users, Appsulate enables safe, isolated access to any web content, including external personal email or social media, and keeps potentially unsafe code away from corporate endpoints.

Product Benefits

Appsulate is a powerful shield around web content and keeps it away from the endpoint.

Web applications are accessed through a highly secure, IT-managed and monitored workspace that is fully isolated from the local computer. Only a passive, graphical representation is sent to the user, meaning no data can stay behind.


You gain peace of mind with GDPR and HIPAA compliance, regardless if the device is company-owned or BYOD. With full control over application access and upload/download and copy/paste operations, you can prevent data leakage and exfiltration.


Accessing SaaS apps through Appsulate ensures monitoring of end user activities. You get policy-based recording of end user activity for compliance purposes - as well as powerful reporting and analytics on application usage and user behavior.

How Appsulate is Different

  • Cost-effective and easy to deploy

    Allows for temporary use by third party users.

  • Fully browser-integrated

    Leads to superior experience and easy adoption.

  • Powerful admin dashboard

    Makes setting preferences simple and security a breeze.

  • Choice of deployment options

    Appsulate runs in the cloud or in your data center.

Key Features

Secure environment for web apps

The Appsulate environment maintains full isolation and prevents data exfiltration and exposure to malware and viruses.

Intuitive user interface

Appsulate is almost invisible to the end user and integrates with your IDP to protect applications such as Box, Office 365, Salesforce and Workday.

Deployment flexibility

You can deploy different flavors of Appsulate at the same time based on your security needs. The cloud-based Appsulate Console is the common administration, configuration and management interface across all environments.

Advanced security controls and audit capabilities

Appsulate provides an administrative console to configure policies, examine audit logs and view analytics.

Powerful access controls

This includes granular network-based IP access control lists and evaluation of geo location.

End-user activity logs

You can record partial or entire sessions for audit purposes based on policy settings and integrate with other security technologies such as CASB, DLP or SIEM.

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