Attacks often start from the edge of the enterprise exploiting contractors as the weakest link. Remote access trojans (RAT) and other types of malware are security threats when employees access internal or external web applications. Company data staying behind on non-company owned equipment may result in security and compliance issues.
Appsulate provides true end-to-end security and control. Appsulate USB turns any PC or Mac into a trusted, secure endpoint. It runs on bare metal and boots installation-free bypassing a locally installed and potentially contaminated operating system.

Prevent data exfiltration and data leakage

When third party users access cloud applications they often use a web browser on their own computer. Appsulate helps you control the environment, even if it's outside of your infrastructure. Data is no longer maliciously or accidentally left behind on devices.

Enable bring-your-own-computer for contractors and remote workers

Are you still shipping company laptops to contractors to provide a secure endpoint for remote access? Appsulate enables bring-your-own-computer (BYOC), as any PC or Mac can be converted into a company-managed endpoint. Complex logistics are eliminated, operations simplified and cost savings captured.

Deliver endpoint security for remote desktops

Even with VDI, you still face the “last mile problem” as malware can extract confidential information as the external user’s device is outside of your IT jurisdiction. Appsulate protects your investment in application virtualization and supports published applications or entire desktops while isolating the endpoint.

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