Executives in HR or Finance who have access to critical business applications are often the target of sophisticated attacks. The result is financial loss due to inadvertent disclosure of intellectual property.
Appsulate protects internal users against attacks from malicious web content. By executing all active code in an isolated cloud environment, any potentially dangerous content is kept away from the user’s endpoint. The remote environment is created from scratch for each session, so no malicious code can persist. Administrators can configure extensive security policies and monitoring capabilities.

Protect from malware and phishing

Appsulate eliminates malware and phishing threats as it executes any active code remotely and streams only a graphical representation to the local browser. No malicious content ever touches the endpoint.

Secure privileged users

Privileged users are often the target of sophisticated malware attacks that might not be noticed by the victim. Putting Appsulate in between their browser and potentially malicious websites protects them from dangerous code that might try to steal credentials or install trojans.

Easily deploy and manage the solution

Appsulate’s virtual browser is completely client-free. It runs inside the existing browser and renders only pixels. The active code is executed in a remote virtual environment isolated from the local endpoint.

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