When remote workers or third party users are working for you and accessing your web applications, there is a huge risk that privileged information could maliciously or unintentionally stay behind on the client - perhaps through opening an email attachment or viewing a report from Salesforce.
Appsulate provides secure remote access for employees who are working from unmanaged devices and outsourcers who need access to apps containing regulated information. The web apps are rendered in a safe environment and only pixels are sent to the client, ensuring that critical data and important documents will not be left behind.

Prevent data exfiltration and data leakage

When third party users access cloud applications, they often use a web browser on their own computer. Appsulate helps you control the environment, even if it's outside of your infrastructure. Data is no longer left behind on devices.

Enable BYOD for contractors and remote workers

Are you still shipping company laptops to contractors to provide a secure endpoint for remote access? Appsulate enables bring-your-own-device (BYOD), as Appsulate ships only pixels and data and documents never touch the device. Complex logistics are eliminated, operations simplified and cost savings captured.

Prevent direct access to web apps

Appsulate cannot be bypassed. You can, for example, require that certain user groups access web apps only through Appsulate.

Quickly deliver security and ease of use

Appsulate can be deployed in a matter of minutes and seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure simply by plugging in to your identity provider such as Azure Active Directory, Okta, or OneLogin.

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