Contractors, freelancers or other third parties often need access to company SaaS applications like Salesforce or Workday. Granting them direct access from a web browser that runs on their own unmanaged device poses security risks. Data loss or confidential data staying behind on unmanaged environments - even unintentionally - is hard to prevent.
Appsulate acts as a shield around the web application, preventing data exfiltration and inadvertent disclosure. When third party users access your web apps through the Appsulate environment, everything stays safe and secure - and is fully monitored.

Monitor and audit

Appsulates tracks and monitors all actions of third party users. Events such as uploads or downloads of files into other cloud applications can be tracked. It can also detect suspicious end user behavior, including excessive copy and paste operations and access from unknown or unexpected locations.

Report and analyze

Appsulate has extensive reporting capabilities and provides detailed insight into how often applications are used across different user groups and profiles.

Prevent data exfiltration and data loss

Appsulate prevents data loss. It allows users to access the data and applications they need - but does not allow data to be exfiltrated to or persisted on the user’s device. All data is kept in the isolated environment.

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